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Smart Hospital

Smart hospital solution for a mobile-only generation

Come join the ”Smart Hospital,” a solution that allows outpatient visit
reservations and payments via a single smartphone.

Registration, consultation,
and waiting in the line for
payment is too long.
아래로 향하는 화살표
without waiting
Where can I view information
on hospitalization or
아래로 향하는 화살표
simple visualization of
hospital life
I want to manage my own
health information

arrow image
a spread of my own health

Smart Hospital applies the most recent information and communications technology (ICT)
to provide the most appropriate smart hospital solution for this mobile generation.

Hybrid application development method

android , apple image

Combines the advantage of both a native
application and a mobile web application,
supports both Android and iOS
Application of recent standard technology

standard technology image

HTML5 web standard and compliance with
web access, mobile-service–based on CLOUD
compliant to medical law
Real-time location-based service

Real-time location-based service image

Low energy method of Bluetooth low energy
4.0 (BLE4.0) technology, provides location
solution optimized for indoor environments
Application of biometric recognition technology

Application of biometric recognition technology image

Fingerprint, iris, and facial recognition for
simple self-verification
Applicable for log-in and payment
smartHospital image

Outpatient visits

Handle all hospital-related work with your smartphone, such as reservation,registration, waiting, payment, prescription, and insurance claim.


  • Simple outpatient visit reservation
  • Patient-customized reservation alert settings
  • Provide easy-to-see visiting history

Variable insurance claim

  • Connections with variable insurance companies for simple claims
  • Linkage with the certification service


  • Simple mobile payment
  • Substitutional payment through familial verification
  • Transparency guaranteed through payment history


  • Waiting system through online/offline connection
  • Intuitive waiting number alert


  • Real-time prescription
  • Medication counseling for prescribed medication
  • Transmission of electronic prescription to the pharmacy

Hospitalization / discharge / physical examinations

We provide support for hospitalization/discharge-related services, such as an introduction to hospitalization, meal selection, hospitalization payment, and certification to physical examination support services, such as the preinterview and examination report review.

Hospital image

Health notes

A personal health report (PHR) may be used as reference material during a visit to the hospital. Patients with chronic diseases will be able to look after themselves through smart medical devices.

smart medical IoT image

Additional services

A BLE location icon will be used to provide an optimized solution for the complicated hospital location guide without changing the hospital system.

hospital location guide image