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n·ICS is an internal accounting management solution that can manage process/risk/control designed for internal control. It can evaluate and monitor established control procedures. n·ICS was designed based on COSO's internal control framework and criteria established by KICPA.

Characteristics and strengths of system

Description of characteristics and strengths of system
Characteristics Description
  • Easy to evaluate, consolidate and keeps evaluation result as a form of To -Do List
  • Easy to deliver duty to appraiser and understand whether appraiser receives by connection of dispatch of mail
  • Easy to manage according to evaluation steps such as designated tester, appraiser, person in charge of process(MG,MJ,SP)
  • It is possible to understand contents and history of imperfections
Report on results
  • Easy to report inspection of operation to the management in real time
  • Automation of aggregation of evaluation result
  • Easy to prepare a report on results after evaluation of control
  • Easy to present evaluation result to external auditor
  • Easy for team in charge of internal accounting management system to understand progress of evaluation
  • It is possible to monitor evaluation items according to organizations, processes or imperfections
  • Easy to present improvements suggested by internal audit and supervise
  • All executives and staff members share risk management awareness
  • Lower cost than a burden of personnel expenses by additional work
  • Easy to maintain


Module configuration diagram of n-ICS

Main Functions

Description of main functions
Function Description
Evaluation of control
  • Handle a series of work such as evaluation, record of evaluation and registration of imperfection
  • Express controls to be evaluated according to applicable roles as a form of To-Do List
Approval of control
  • Team in charge of internal control prepares a report by consolidating all internal controls after evaluation of controls is finished and imperfections are registered and final approval from CFO and CEO is obtained
  • Provide flexible work-flow function for approver of control
Imperfection management
  • Manage improvements to be corrected by a company drawn from evaluation of control
  • Monitor a series of processes related to evaluation of internal control such as evaluation, imperfection, progress in real time
  • Monitor by time based on record management
Basic information management
  • Prepare evaluation for internal control, manage evaluation schedule, send mail and manage reports
  • Manage consulting result, user authority etc.

Major Clients

  • Nongshim
  • Youlchon Chemical
  • Megamart
  • Seongji Construction
  • Dong Yang Moolsan
  • Woongjin Pass One
  • Youngpoong
  • Samlip Food
  • Intron biotechnology
  • Seohee Construction
  • Korea Circuit
  • Interflex
  • Topfield and other 140 clients