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NDS 2010's
year history
  • n.ADAMS obtained 'e-government standard framework compatibility Certification
  • Singed reseller agreement with Blackducksoftware /
  •       distribution agreement with Insignary
  • Established Wonju branch
  • Obtained CMMI Level 3 Certification
  • Declared NDS VISION 2020
  •     "Next Generation IT Service Provider"
  • Reorganized ICT division, SI division
  • Won a contract on informatization project (12 billion won) from Health Insurance
  • Review & Assessment Service in 2014
  • Established Daejeon branch and USA branch
  • Participated in 2013 National Defense Informatization Conference
  • Signed MOU on cooperation of development platform with Tobesoft
  • CEO Joong-won, Kim was appointed
  • Organized NDS "VISION 2015" declaration
  • Declared the factorial management challenge 2011
  • Created CIT business division
  • NDS New Management Establishment
  • - Unlimited growth action formula: 1.5A=∞
  • Declaration of Succession Management Action 2010
NDS 2000's
year history contents
  • Launched 'MUST BE 10 / 100 /1000' Campaign
  • Established u-Biz Department
  • Obtained INNO-BIZ Certification
  • Developed N-series(N-Smart Lock, N-Smart Counter, N-Smart WiTMS)
  • Establishing U-Environment/U-City department
  • Advanced into Water Quality TMS(Tele Metering System) market in Jordan
  • Launched '3010 Management Revolution' Campaign
  • Obtained Environmental Certification (ISO 14001)
  • Obtained ITSM Certification (ISO 20000)
  • Developed Wireless remote (Environment) metering system
  • Proclaiming Factorial Management Takeoff 2007
  • Establishing marketing SI 2 headquarters (Promoting a Public Works department)
  • Establishing a Quality Assurance Team
  • Jan. Established Public&Government Business Department
  • Mar. Established Solution Department
  • Dec. Released of S3-ICS
  • Dec. Released of S3-ICS
  • Sep. Developed S3-CEO
  • Sep. Developed Smart-KM
  • Sep. Developed S3-Response
  • Nov. Established NDS Consulting Center
  • Jan. Initiated "New Start 2003" Movement and 10 Year Anniversary Celebration
  • Feb. Implemented Nongshim Disaster Recovery System
  • May Redefined Work Concept (Worldwide Solution & Service Provider) Applied
  • for S3-POS Patent
  • Jun. Finished Development of Five Solutions including Web-Biz EIP Held Challenge
  • 2003
  • Oct. Established Vision NDS 1000/100 Strategy
  • Oct. NEW START Campaign Launched
  • Nov. Re-established NDS Vision
  • Jan. Signed strategic alliance pact with AVAYA Korea
  • Jul. Obtained BS7799 Certificate
  • Jan. Signed strategic alliance pact with Jang Media Interactive (Information
  • Security) Opened Daegu branch office
  • Feb. Signed strategic alliance pact with Txbase
  • Mar. Signed strategic alliance pact with ODS Network 04 Joined Korea ASP
  • (Application Service Provider) Association
NDS 1990's
year history contents
  • May. Signed strategic alliance pact with Korea Oracle
  • Jul. Signed strategic alliance pact with Somansa (Information Security) Signed
  • strategic alliance pact with EXE (SCM)
  • Nov. Signed joint development agreement for AIA (Activity Information
  • Accounting) System
  • Jan. Opened Pusan branch office Joined Korean International Trade Association
  • Mar. Obtained License to operate information communication business Obtained
  • License to provide products and supplies to military
  • Apr. Registered Korean Engineering Association
  • Feb. Joined Korea Electrical Contractors Association
  • Mar. Joined Korea Geographic Information Industry Association
  • Jun. Joined Korea Electronic & Information Association
  • Sep. Reseller license signed with Sun Microsystems
  • Feb. Joined Korea System Integration Research Association
  • Oct. Opened NongShim Data System KangNam branch office
  • Feb. Reseller license signed with Penta System Technology
  • May Dealership signed with Informix Dealership signed with Digital Joined Korea
  • Distribution Information Center
  • Jul. VAR license signed with Gupta Korea
  • Aug. Dealership signed with Sybase
  • Oct. VAR license signed with CRAT Communication
  • Nov. Joined Korea Computer Industry Cooperation Association Elected Director
  • Company of Korea IC Card Research Association
  • Dec. VAR license signed with SUN Microsystems
  • Feb. Integrated wiring system supply pact with AMP
  • Mar. Dealership signed with Korea Oracle
  • Apr. Dealership signed with Korea Fujitsu
  • Jun. Space Max software dealership signed with Market Max of US
  • Oct. Dealership signed with Korea IBM, SEQUENT VAR contract signed
  • Nov. Dealership signed with Korea HP Dealership signed with Korea Data General,
  • Cross Comm product supply contract signed
  • Jan. NongShim Data System Co. established
  • Feb. Elected Director Company of Korea Software Industry Association
  • Elected Vice Chair Company of Korea Telecommunications Promotion Association
  • Elected Director Company of Korea Data Industry Association
  • Mar. Joined Korea Data Processing Specialist Association
  • Apr. IBS Project Team established
  • May "START 100 Campaign" launched
  • Jul. Technical cooperation pact signed with Korea Fujitsu
NDS 1970's, 1980's history
year history contents
  • Jan. Master planning for the computerization of NongShim Co.Ltd
  • NongShim's Computer Data Processing Department established