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Environmental management

Environmental policy

We have a good understanding of importance of environmental protection and make a sustained effort to conserve environment by setting detailed goal pursuing harmony between nature and humans.

"Harmony between nature and humans"

  1. 1. Environmental management system based on ISO14001
  2. 2. Thorough compliance with environment related laws and regulations
  3. 3. Sustained effort to improve environment such as energy saving and
         minimization of environmental pollution

Process of environmental management system (EMS)

We will establish eco-friendly organization culture by reducing pollutants as much as possible in all areas including production and service in accordance with process which is included in environmental management system.

Process of environmental management system
Process of environmental management system
  • Process : designs considering environment, input of raw materials and energy, energy consumption and raw material use, pollutants arising from production, pollutants arising from transport of products, energy consumption when using products, environmental pollution arising from disposal, recycling,
  • Management: system documentation, resource management, understanding of environmental aspects and environmental impact assessment, operation management, emergency preparation & response management, environmental goal and performance management in-house evaluation, review by managers, corrective actions

Acquisition of international certification

Acquisition of international certification
ISO 14001

Certification system that finds out elements in business activities affecting environment continuously and evaluates whether environmental management system aiming to improve environmental performance is suitable to the international standard