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System Integration(SI)

NDS provides optimum system integration service by analyzing and understanding customers’ needs and IT environment with best capability and knowhow accumulated so far by succeeding in various projects.

Available services


Public sector
  • We provide government ministries, agencies and public institutions with stable operation management and construction of optimum information system.
  • Main fields: health care/welfare, agriculture ∙ fishery ∙ livestock, education, national defense, employment information etc.
  • We help customers to enhance competitiveness by securing professional consultants and optimum solution in the field of manufacturing industry.
  • Main service: ERP, Purchase Order System (PIS), Financial Accounting (IFRS), Management Accounting(CO). Supply Chain Management (SCM), DW etc.
  • We provide IT service that helps to enhance competitiveness and sales force by furnishing information on sale, distribution, logistics and delivery in real time to discount store, wholesaler, retail and logistics center.
  • Comprehensive logistics service, distribution ERP service, POS system construction, internet shopping mall construction etc.


IT consulting
  • We provide optimum comprehensive IT consulting service which is suitable for customers’ business environment based on consulting experts and NDS’ knowhow.
  • Informatization Strategy Plan (ISP), Enterprise Architecture (EA), Business Process Revolution (BPR) etc.
System construction
  • We provide application development, IT resource integration service which is suitable to customers’ business environment and needs with best experts, methods based on international standard and standard framework.
  • Business management information system, next generation business system, statistics system construction etc.
IT infra construction
  • We provide optimum infra construction service by analyzing, diagnosing, planning and designing infra ranging from H/W, N/W to S/W.
  • Data center construction and relocation, BCP/DR etc.

Main business results

NDS Main business results
Services explanation
Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service Informatization project, health medical data open system construction project in 2013 and 2014
National Health Insurance Service Constructed integrated pay information system
Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation Constructed next generation integrated information system
Korea Polar Research Institute Constructed new business management information system
Ministry of Justice Integrated information system construction project
Small & Medium Business Administration Constructed small & medium sized business support integrated management system
Korea International Cooperation Agency
  • Integrated medical information system PMC service in Philippines
  • Constructed water quality monitoring system as PMC service in Jordan
  • Constructed educational informatization system in Azerbaijan Uni.
Korea Veterans Health Service Constructed integrated business management system
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute Upgraded integrated business management system
Korea Electrical Safety
Information system server integrating project