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IT Outsourcing

NDS provides IT outsourcing service based on experience of system operation and technical skills accumulated for over 30 years. NDS performs customer’s business strategy effectively and improves service quality and business management efficiency.

Available services

IT Outsourcing Image
Data Center
Providing stable DBMS service and operations management
Management services for servers and hosts, back-up and storage
Development of new IT systems and opera
tions support according to client's needs
Optimization of business process to meet
the manufacturing industry standard and total solution operations support
Web application vulnerability checks and network vulnerability diagnosis
Management and operations of desktop, management /maintenance services for peripherals
Efficient and convenient management of customer's desktop asset
Management and operations of desktop, management /maintenance services for peripherals
Help Desk
Customer service requests received through a single point of contact
Support system for emergencies and out-of-office hours (365-day support)
IT Infrastructure
IT platform required for customer's computerized system and the provision/ management of IT resources
Damage reduction (DR) support in case of a system freeze
IT design & consulting
Decision-making and strategic planning support for customer's IT plans
Effective IT outsourcing management system

Main business results

NDS Main business results Table
Services explanation
Nongshim Group IT outsourcing service
Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service 2015 information system maintenance
Korea Workers’ Compensation & Welfare Service Information system outsourcing
Korea Internet & Security Agency 2015 integrated maintenance project
Gyeonggi Province Office Integrated maintenance service of information system
Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Integrated maintenance of information system
Korea National Open University Integrated maintenance of information system
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute Business management information system upgrade maintenance
Korea Industrial Complex Corp. Information system IDC consignment and integrated outsourcing service