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Information protection

NDS provides advanced security solution through strategic alliance with Future Systems, which is Korea's best network security company to protect customers' information from various security threats which becomes more sophisticated over the days

Main Products overview

1.WeGuardia™ XTM

WeGuardia™ XTM - The eXtensible unified Threat Management system
Multicore-based, high-performing integrated security devices
IPv6-based high-performing integrated security devices
Nation's best-performing encrypted communication
  • WeGuardia™ XTM
  • WeGuardia™ FW
  • WeGuardia™ IPS
  • WeGuardia™ DDOS
  • WeGuardia™ WIPS
  • WeGuardia™ SSLplus
  • Management

Developed based on multicore, this expandable integrated risk management product uses a core distribution processing method unique to future systems to develop FOHSAM, which is a hybrid software framework, in order to overcome the limitations of integrated security equipment. It uses all of the security functions of IPS, firewall, VPN (IPSec, SSL), anti-virus/spam/spyware, DDos and WAF simultaneously for excellent performance.

About WeGuardia XTM

Network affinity
10M, 100M, 1G, 10G a wide range of topology
Network Availability
P2Pcontrol, DDoS prevention/ QoS, resource-based control
network Standard
IPv4, IPv6/Mobile IP environment supported
User Authentication
User-based firewall, 802, 1x wired and wireless Integrated authentication
Web Securities
Prevention of hazardous traffic through http (web server /client security), internal informaion leakage prevention
Contents Securities
A/V, A/S
Traffic Confidentiality
Implicitly Harmful Traffic Control
INBA based Traffic Anomaty
Explicity Harmful Traffic Control
Policy-based firewall,pattern-based IPS