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Information protection

NDS provides advanced security solution through strategic alliance with Future Systems, which is Korea's best network security company to protect customers' information from various security threats which becomes more sophisticated over the days

Main Products overview

5.WeGuardia™ WIPS

WeGuardia™ WIPS - Wireless Intrusion Prevention System
Real-time wireless integrated control and monitoring
Automatic detection and defense for multiple wireless threats
Quick elimination of threat by accurate location tracking
  • WeGuardia™ XTM
  • WeGuardia™ FW
  • WeGuardia™ IPS
  • WeGuardia™ DDOS
  • WeGuardia™ WIPS
  • WeGuardia™ SSLplus
  • Management

With the spread of small, wireless devices including smartphones and tablet PC, the communication infrastructure is rapidly changing to a wireless life service and work environment along with a surge in wireless communication data traffic. This recent increase in devices and users due to smartphone supply Wi-Fi networks has led to security vulnerabilities and traffic increase. As such, the use of wireless network has been limited for public agencies and financial institutions. However, as more businesses introduce smart office based on the working environment using smart devices, increasing number of institutions are reviewing the use of a wireless network. Now, the solutions for wireless security are considered a requirement. A wireless attack prevention system (WeGuardiaTM WIPS) is a security solution that is used for the detection and prevention of such attacks that exploit these vulnerabilities in security and its use is spreading with the expanding wireless networks.

About WeGuardia WIPS

  • Accurate location tracking system
  • Simultaneous analysis of nultiple channels
  • Single view provided for each sensor
  • Wireless forensic
  • Wired/wireless traffic control
  • → Wireless Frame Capture → Frame Decoder → Detect Wireless Attack → Prevent Wireless Attack → Wireless Environment Report
  • User
    • Detect Web Cracking
    • Detect DoS
    • Detect Fake AP/STA
    • Detect Mac Spoofing
    • Detect Configuration Change
    • Detect Mis-Association
    • Detect Rogue AP
    • Check AP/STA Connection
  • Kernel
    • Wireless Frame Control
    • Fast Channel Hopping
    • Wired Frame Control