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Information protection

NDS provides advanced security solution through strategic alliance with Future Systems, which is Korea's best network security company to protect customers' information from various security threats which becomes more sophisticated over the days

Main Products overview

6.WeGuardia™ SSLpius

WeGuardia™ SSLpius - ˝Anywhere˝,˝Anyone˝,˝Any Device˝ Access Control
Firewall, IPv6 based Any Access SSLVPN
Accessible on all devices including handheld devices, wireless environment, etc.
Diverse and complex user authentication function
  • WeGuardia™ XTM
  • WeGuardia™ FW
  • WeGuardia™ IPS
  • WeGuardia™ DDOS
  • WeGuardia™ WIPS
  • WeGuardia™ SSLplus
  • Management

SSL VPN, developed through open key-based technology and the encryption technology of web standardization known as SSL, guarantees a safe access to a business' web, a variety of applications and shared files. WeGuardiaTM SSLplus is a hardware-based integrated security device for application that minimizes performance degradation without a disadvantage or changing the existing network architecture while providing user authentication and VPN functions. Particularly, easy and safe access is available anywhere for external users as long as SSL VPN device and a web browser are provided because it connects through the internet without a separate device or client's software.

About WeGuardia SSLplus

  • Firewall integrated SSLVPN
  • A variety of devices supported
  • IPv6 supported
  • Custom UX provided
  • Powerful management console

SSL Structure1

  • Kernel Level
    • Internal network ↔ Unternal network NIC ↔ Packet routing → User Level(Universal TAP driver read())
  • User Level
    • SSL encryption packet → Magic Crypto decryption → Plaintext packets → Switching → Filtering rule test(In case of packets of internal network) → Universal TAP driver write() → Kernel Level(Packet routing)
    • SSL encryption packet → Magic Crypto decryption → Plaintext packets → Switching →Filtering rule test(In case of packets between clients) → Magic Crypto decryption

SSL Structure2