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Information protection

NDS provides advanced security solution through strategic alliance with Future Systems, which is Korea's best network security company to protect customers' information from various security threats which becomes more sophisticated over the days

Main Products overview


Management-Centralized Total Management System(Management/log/monitoring)
The effective management and log/reporting system of WeGuatdia product series
Provides collection/storage/analysis/reporting functions for logs created in all types of security equipments
CUI provided for user convenience in CS environment(Window-based Docking System)
  • WeGuardia™ XTM
  • WeGuardia™ FW
  • WeGuardia™ IPS
  • WeGuardia™ DDOS
  • WeGuardia™ WIPS
  • WeGuardia™ SSLplus
  • Management
  • WeGuatdia™ SMC
  • WeGuatdia™Log Server
  • WeGuatdia™RTM
  • Integrated management of multiple future system gate in remote area
  • F/W, IPS, VPN, SSL-VPN, WAF, NAC, AV/AS integrated security function management
  • Guarantees fast and convenient operational management through integrated management of multiple equipments
  • Provides convenience of security policy management and online delivery function
  • Provides real-time monitoring of equipment's operating status and presence of abnormalities
  • C/S-based hierarchical remote management capabilities
  • Provides non-stop service through redundant server feature
  • Provides operational efficiency through a variety of reporting, statistics and real-time log search

About WeGuatdia™ SMC

  • Multiple administrators supported for each authority
  • Comprehensiveinformation on gate status
  • Alarms for threats and warnings
  • Unified management of future gate
  • Intuitive security policy management
  • Operational convenience

Effiecient and Integrated Management

  • SMC main screen
  • SMC log main screen
  • SMC statistics log