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Information protection

NDS provides advanced security solution through strategic alliance with Future Systems, which is Korea's best network security company to protect customers' information from various security threats which becomes more sophisticated over the days

Main Products overview

2.WeGuardia™ FW

WeGuardia™ FW - High Perfomance FireWall
A hybid-type framework-based high-performance firewall using a core distribution processing method(Patent - 10-0807039)
IPv6-based CC authentication device
  • WeGuardia™ XTM
  • WeGuardia™ FW
  • WeGuardia™ IPS
  • WeGuardia™ DDOS
  • WeGuardia™ WIPS
  • WeGuardia™ SSLplus
  • Management

WeGuardiaTM FW guarantees the maximum speed provided in the various interfaces with the module-type appliance equipment and the performance being close to the theoretical value by optimizing the FOHSAM (Future Optimum Hybrid Software Architecture for MultiCore Environment) applying the core distributed processing method (Patent No. 10-0807039) for the Nehalem NUMA (Non Uniform Memory Access) structure. Furthermore, it provides the functions such as QoS, anti-virus, and harmful traffic blocking on the basis of the core security technologies such as firewall and VPN. It is equipped with the various product line-ups being suitable to many environments from the large-scale high-end model to the small-scale network model so that the product suitable to a network environment can be selected.

About WeGuardia FW

  • Excellent performance
  • IPv6/IPv4 supported
  • Stable operation
  • Flexible network configuration
  • Easy extension

Hybrid muticore-based structure that combines data partitioning model and function partitioning model